Wednesday, May 5, 2010

5 Tips On How To Take Great Photographs

Like a paintbrush is to an artists, a pencil to a writer, and words to a poet; the camera is what conveys a photographers creativity. Some photographers choose to focus their creative skills on weddings, while others may focus it on photographing wildlife. Some use high priced cameras while others use digital , but there is one thing all photographers have in common, which is their goal, “to capture a moment.” Every photo tells a story, an expression, a memory, or a simple kind of beauty. They all capture a time that would have been lost if it weren’t for a snap of a flash and a click of a button. Just like a camera can, every person can take a photo, but what does it take to produce a great photograph? It is easy to point and shoot a camera, but the photo becomes more interesting if thought, precision, and effort is put into it.

Here are 5 easy tips to remember when taking each photograph:

1. Get to know your camera. Become comfortable in using the options your camera gives you. Like the focus, flash, and portrait options some cameras provide, to name just a few. No matter if it’s a high end camera or a digital camera, it’s important to know what your camera will and will not allow you to do. It is just as important to know when or when not to use those options, like the “flash” for example. Use your camera as often as possible to learn what best suits what you’re trying to accomplish.

2. Time must be spent on how the camera focuses on it’s subject. Try different angles and view points to allow the subject to express your vision. Use your own body to create the way you want others to see your subject. Move around, get down and shoot from the ground up, and try to capture the tiny details of each subject within your camera lens.

3. Try not to assume that the first photograph will be the one and only one that will be used. Take multiple photos of the subject using different lighting and positions. For example, it may surprise you that the tenth photo is the one that actually captures your vision and not the first one as you originally had thought.

4. Ask yourself questions like, “Is there a message I want to express with this photograph?” “A story to be told?” or “a feeling to be felt?” This allows the photo to have a meaning. An example would be if you are photographing a sad moment, are you capturing that feeling? and will those who will view the photograph feel that sadness.

5. Simplicity is key. Some may think the more that is in the frame the better the photo, but that can make the photo too busy which can make the point you were trying to establish lost. Sometimes finding a unique subject and capturing it’s simplicity makes for an even more beautiful photograph.

In doing these simple steps, plus some editing of course, allows the world to see what the photographer sees in their creative minds eye. For most think it is the camera that produces a great photo and although cameras do play a huge role; it is the photographers passion, devotion, and creativity that allows a photograph to come to life. The truth is, no matter which camera you choose (the most expensive one or not) it is who is handling the camera that will create the perfect capture. Taking the time, using creativity and feeling is what truly makes a great photograph.

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