Social Media Tips

 How To Make Facebook Work For Your Business
There are over 400 Million active users on Facebook, in which 50% log on each day, as given in the 2010 Facebook Statistics

Networking: "Won't You Be My Neighbor?"
Each time you join a social networking site, like Twitter or Facebook, you are entering into a brand new "neighborhood," filled with people who want to be, "your neighbor."

Is Myspace Dead
Is myspace dead or does it still have some value. Tees in a Pod weighs the pros and cons of the once mammoth social networking site.

Does this get YOUR Interest?? be honest, I really hope it did! This post will give some tips on how to try get peoples interest so that they may be more inclined to read your post and possibly interact with it..

An Insight into Facebook Fanpage Insights
There are between 400 million to 500 million people on facebook but out of those continental size figures you really only need to concern yourself with your hopefully growing fanpage fans (or "likers"). Facebook has gone out of their way to make it easy for you to get useful information on your fanpage fans and this post will give an insight into facebook fanpage insights.

How To Set Up A Facebook Fan Page
Coming up with ways to market your brand online is a constant effort. 

How To Use Twitter To Build Your Brand
Twitter is all the rage. Here are three concrete tips that can allow you to make friends, engage your followers, and build your brand on Twitter.

A Rock Stars Social Media Strategy - Whiskey Optional!
Hello all and welcome to a rock fueled insight into ways one can apply social media principles and strategies to music, brands, shops or anything your mind can conjure up. I believe it is now time for everyone from plumbers to pizza men and percussionists to postmen (well maybe not them) to join the social media revolution.

Crouching Twitter, Hidden Dragon - 4 Ninja Tips For Twitter
In this digital day and age it's of paramount importance to have a presence on the web and in particular, Twitter.

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