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Retro Rags
Those who fondly remember "things past" will respond to retro design because a) they lived through an era, and relate to keywords and recall experiences from a time that is often deemed "the most impressionable time of our lives" - our youth; and b) they have a longing for a particular time or simply find enjoyment and visual pleasure from the themes and/or aesthetics of that time...
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Being Professional Online: No Shirt, No Tie, Oh My!
Professionalism? What does it really mean? Most of us may have a suit and tie come to mind at the mere mention of the word. However, what if you have an online business where most of your work, selling, and promoting is done; where wearing a suit and tie just won't cut it? How can you make sure that you and your business are still viewed as professional when your business is reliant mostly and/or solely on your online presence?

 Pod's Can Run Contests Too... But How?
It may seem impossible for Print On Demand Shop Owners (POD) to run contests and or promotions due to the inability of creating promotional and discount codes, but there may be a way to work around this. How, You may be asking? Get clever! Think of ways to use what you CAN do with Print On Demand Shops, to your advantage.

Pitfalls of PODs
...The second kind of customer is the designer/artist/photographer who sets up shop with a POD in order to deliver their creativity to the world. This is where we start to see the "Pitfalls of the POD", particularly when compared to the online t-shirt competition who are doing it all independent of POD services....

What If Selling Tees, Isn't For Me?
More and more, people are creating online stores filled with t-shirts displaying their artwork, as a way to earn (extra) income. This could be due to the fact that more people are becoming web savvy or because people have found that online shopping is more convenient. Whatever the reason, money is being made online as displayed in this graph by comSource, Inc. found at .

Rumble In The Jungle: The A to Z of Animal Tees
When thinking about this animal themed post, I thought it could be fun to look at an A - Z of animals on tees, whilst taking a look at symbolism and the various qualities that certain animals represent. I hope it serves as a source of enlightenment and inspiration because, after all, knowledge is power and if we can understand the reasons people want to buy a certain animal on a tee, then we could also discover marketing angles....
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Referral Revolution
On Zazzle? Learn some great ways to make Zazzle referrals with these five tips.

Presenting The Graphic T-Shirt
The way you choose to present your graphic t-shirts should be one of the top considerations when you operate an online t-shirt business. Online shops present many advantages - the obvious being that designers can reach consumers from all corners of the world. That connection however is not a tactile one, making our decisions regarding visual presentation all the more important...
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Coupons, Coupons, Coupons - Get Some!
In this short post we're going to delve into the world of coupon codes and I'm going to give you a few reasons as to why you should be using them..

The One Service Businesses Should Never Stop: Customer Service
The success of any business depends on how well customers are treated. No business is successful without customers who care about it, so it is highly important that you care about them. Lets delve right into the one service businesses should never stop, Customer Service.

10 Ways For Businesses To Promote Without Spamming
Most of us have heard the word "Spam," for it is used as a noun or verb; as well as a specific trademarked food, found in a can. Many of us also know it because we have been spammed before...

Photoshop VS Illustrator In The Tee Ring
Photoshop (raster art) and Illustrator (vector art) are both used by designers when creating t-shirt designs. Each have their value in the design world and designers have various reasons for their use. I personally cringe anytime I hear a senior designer tell a junior that "this is the way you do it", which is often the way that certain designer has chosen to do it. Design, as per any form of creativity, can and should involve the individual's touch, and that means allowing a designer to develop their own methods for achieving the style they wish to express in any given concept...
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The Art Of The Funny T Shirt
Making funny t shirts is an art form. Learn about why the text shirt, funny graphic t shirt, and pop culture tee are the bread and butter of any funny t shirt company.

Arnold Schwarzenegger knows how much he can bench press - do you?
Know your limits! Know your strengths! - If you're thinking that this "online store/money making thing" is something you'd be good at, then before you do anything you need to know what you have to offer that's commercially valuable. You may love t-shirts by a particular favourite artist of yours, yet that doesn't mean that's where you could make money. Trying to copy or emulate a style or approach to t-shirt designing (or merchandise design) is always a bad idea!...
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Trending Topics = Trendy Threads
Topics are often taken from current popular culture & current events - movies, TV shows, celebrity behaviour, music, and politics all become buzz topics especially during climatic moments such as movie premieres, TV show finales, elections, and even deaths...
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5 Tips On How To Take Great Photographs
Like a paintbrush is to an artists, a pencil to a writer, and words to a poet; the camera is what conveys a photographers creativity.

Why You Need Your Own Domain
Reasons why it is beneficial to host your online store on your own domain.

Expressing Social Views Through Fashionable Designs
If you look up the term "social", you will come across the German philosopher/sociologist Karl Marx, and in the view of Marx, "human beings are intrinsically,...
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Designing For A Cause
4 Awesome Shop Keepers who design for a Cause.

Cashing In On The Holidays With Great Designs
Tips for Shop Keepers on how to create great designs while cashing in on the holidays.

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