What Does SMO and SEO Really Mean?
Online business owners are always looking to expand their business' growth, online presence, and profitability, but it can be difficult to do.

Finding High Page Rank Sites for Backlinks
Tips on how to locate high page rank sites for your website or online shop to guide your site to a higher Search Engine Ranking Position.

Follow the Linkers
"If you build it they will come" - an iconic line from an iconic movie alas sadly it doesn't hold true for your website. When you launch your site you need to get traffic to it..There are a myriad of ways of doing this but one way is backlinks. In this post I'll discuss a bit about backlinks, what they are and why you should be trying to get them.

# Hashtag Madness!
A new post on SEO Corner explaining the four main benefits of using hashtags on Twitter and how to use them in your marketing efforts.

Robots.txt - Be Friends with It!
So, this is one of the first posts in what we here at Tees in a Pod affectionately called "SEO Corner". In a previous post we touched on 6 SEO Onsite Tips for your website and in this post we're going to expand on Robots.txt and why you want to be friends with it.

6 Onsite SEO Tips To Improve Your Rankings!
This post will briefly touch on 6 onsite SEO tips you can use on your website right now to improve and help with your ranking in the search engines.

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