Sunday, July 25, 2010

Finding high page rank sites for backlinks

For SEO you need backlinks to your blog if you want to increase in the serps (search engine ranking positions) There are many ways to build backlinks to your blog, website, or online store. One of my favorite is by blog commenting on high page rank sites. Preferably you can find high page rank blog sites that are in your niche as the search engines reward those that build links related to their niche. However sometimes building backlinks in your niche can be a tough go as your niche may not have that many high page ranking blogs in your niche. Why should you target blogs that have high page rank? First lets talk about what page rank is. Page rank is a ranking composed by google ranking the importance of any website. Google gives a ranking of 0 to 10 with 10 being the most important. Google is the only site with a ten ranking. A site is deemed important by the number of backlinks or the amount of time someone linked to that particular site. Also a major factor is the type of site linking to the particular site. If your site gets a link from a page rank 7 site instead of a page rank 3 site the page rank seven site backlink is weighted higher in the serps than the page 3 backlink.

So how do we get the backlinks from the high page ranking sites? Well simply performing a google search can open up a world of high page ranking sites that actually want you to comment on your website. One thing to make sure to search for is blogs that are do follow. Rob wrote a piece called Follow the Linker explaining why do follow backlinks are the way to go because when you build the link googlebot follows the link and counts it for your website. If a website is no follow googlebot does not follow or count the link. Let's search for something in google that has do follow blog and high page rank in the search. How about high page rank do follow blogs as a search? As you can see when you perform this search one of the top results is 7 High Page Rank blogs that Do Follow. Click on it and try to see if some of the blogs shared still allow comments. If they do read the actual post and click on the area where it says comments. At the bottom you should be able to leave your name, email, and website. When you comment make a comment relating to the topic of the blog to show that you actually read the post. People that have blogs such as this know that many people are going to be just trying to promote their own websites but they don't really care as long as the person leaving the comment took the time to read their post. I would maybe mention two things in the post to comment on or discuss. After you have commented on one high page rank do follow blog its so easy to find others. You can scroll through all the other links that you found on google for high page rank do follow blogs or start a new search. For a new search you can try do follow blogs with high page rank. You can also try to find high page rank blogs in your niche. For example if your niche is merchandise you might want to search "merchandise powered by wordpress" since most bloggers use wordpress. This should bring up a list of people that have wordpress blogs that talk about merchandise. Just using google search should enable a hard working searcher to find and endless supply of high ranking do follow backlinks for their blog, website, or store.

Written by Timothy Fox, Soge Shirts funny t shirts

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