Press releases: Make your company a star
Need exposure for your business? How about backlinks and a boost for your main keyword. Time to share some news about your company with a press release.

 4 Ways Of Internet Marketing
Businesses are always striving to rank higher in Google, to build stronger relationships with customers, and to stay profitable, to name just a few.

The Benefits Of Guest Writing
The idea of guest writing cannot only benefit us as individuals but also benefits the community of writers and creatives as a whole.

Coupons, Coupons, Coupons - Get Some!
In this short post we're going to delve into the world of coupon codes and I'm going to give you a few reasons as to why you should be using them..

How to Market your Brand - 9 Marketing Tips and Ideas
Marketing, branding, raising brand awareness - its not easy but it is essential to any new brand in any business, t-shirts or otherwise.

Pros and cons of tshirt design contests
Are entering tshirt design contests on sites such as threadless and redbubble a good idea? In this post I look at the pros and cons and explain that it really depends on what you need for your tshirt business right now.

A Rock Stars Social Media Strategy - Whiskey Optional!
Hello all and welcome to a rock fueled insight into ways one can apply social media principles and strategies to music, brands, shops or anything your mind can conjure up. I believe it is now time for everyone from plumbers to pizza men and percussionists to postmen (well maybe not them) to join the social media revolution.

Viral Marketing Battle: Facebook Pages Vs. Facebook Groups
Which would you choose Facebook Pages or Facebook Groups when marketing your business?

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