Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Benefits of Guest Writing

The idea of guest writing cannot only benefit us as individuals but also benefits the community of writers and creatives as a whole. We cannot all find the time to write, what with all of our other commitments. But writing on topics and then submitting them to sites across the web can bring us all great benefits, here are a few of the most notable benefits to guest writing. As a personal capacity I have been lucky enough to write for several sites including; Myinkblog, Tripwire Magazine, Niki Brown (Design O'Blog,) Webexpedition18 and many more!

Driving Traffic to your own Site

We are all looking for new ways in which people can find and explore our own business and personal sites and portfolios, with guest posting you can often find a boost of traffic coming to your site after a guest post. This often comes from guest posts linking back to your personal site, you can also choose to link to your social networks.

Guest posting could link a reader to your personal site or brand and then before you know it they are interested in the products or services you are offering. I know that people have often found my site after a guest writing opportunity and have gone onto not only read and retweet but also comment on posts of my site also.

Earn Money

Earning money isn't essential, do it for other reasons.

With some sites out there, authors and website owners like to welcome guest writers on board and as incentives are willing to offer financial reward. It makes sense, if someone is willing to take time out to write an article, which can attract a new set of visitors; it is going to benefit that site in new advertising revenue.

But I would warn that financial reward shouldn't be your only motivator, you may find yourself writing just to bring in the money and your topics may also be rejected if you aren't writing to the high standard that some sites request. Write about topics, which inspire you, if you are inspired about something then research it and bring that information which has inspired.

Reach New People

We all want to reach new people and bring new people/visitors to our site all of the time, by writing for a different site/blog you are potentially going to expose a completely new set of people. Who may not have come across your site before, the key is to write interesting and relevant articles that may encourage them to check out your own personal site.

Love to post or it won't work

If you aren't taking in a feeling of positive energy or a willingness to make an article work then you aren't going to be likely to firstly attract an audience to read the whole article. This may further lead to websites not being willing to publish any further work if you bring a bad work ethic. Guest writing requires you to listen to the sites authors to put together articles, which are going to meet their own high standards. It isn't as simple as just writing the article and sending it off, you may have to meet word counts and picture size specifications. But this is all worth it and most sites will be brilliant in having open communications if you are unsure about things.

I have personally tried to be as open as possible when offering up Design Juices up for guest writers, I love to communicate with people and feed off the energy they often bring.

Top Ten Return Factors

  1. New experience in the way other people work
  2. Exposure to a whole new audience
  3. Opportunity to build up new relationships
  4. Earning Money
  5. Driving Traffic to your site/blog
  6. Broaden your design/creative mind
  7. Learn from someone else
  8. Future Invites possible in guest posting
  9. Gain feedback on work and ideas
  10. Personal credibility
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Care to write for Design Juices?

We are very open to publishing guest author articles, roundups and design articles. No design topic is off limits and I am very open to listen to any ideas. Simply get in touch with me on twitter @jthompsondesign.


Guest Author: Jared Thompson
Jared Thompson is a product designer. He has just completed his university degree and has a keen interest in design as a whole in the world today. He loves to write and currently runs Design Juices and is part of the team over at Nenuno Creative. Jared is an advocate for the Bauhaus design movement and takes great inspiration from Jonathan Ive and the Ford Kinetic Design Mantra.

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