Monday, September 20, 2010

Press releases: Make your company a star

Big companies have used press releases for years but did you know that it is easy enough for a small business to get their news out there as well? As long as you have some genuine news

Why should your company use a press release? First and foremost you can get your release onto Google news, Yahoo news, and more. That is great exposure for your company or small business. The Second huge reason is that press releases can generate many backlinks to your website for the keywords you are targeting. You probably have to pay a press release site for the anchor text to your desired keyword backlinks, but sometimes this is a must. Many sites will take your press release and repost it on their website for content. Another reason to use press releases is to target your main keyword. You should have your main keyword written in the Title and first sentence of your press release so that the search engines can pick it up.

To write a press release you must write the release in the style of an unbiased news article as if you are a reporter. The press release will be rejected if it is a blatant advertisement for your website. When writing a press release keep in mind that your company must have actual news. This could include an anniversary of the start of your company, a giveaway that you are doing, or the releasing of a new line of products.

There are two types of press release sites. Those that are free and those that you pay for. Obviously the paying ones have more benefits but don't overlook the free ones if you are on a budget. You still can get your company some nice exposure for free. Here are some free sites below.

If you decide to pay you can get your release submitted to more places and are able to put more links into the release. is a very nice site to get lots of exposure. Their prices are a little high though. is also a good one and you can get decent exposure for only 20 bucks if you order their basic package.

Written by Timothy Fox, Soge Shirts graphic tees

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