Monday, September 20, 2010

What If Selling Tees, Isn't For Me?

More and more, people are creating online stores filled with t-shirts displaying their artwork, as a way to earn (extra) income. This could be due to the fact that more people are becoming web savvy or because people have found that online shopping is more convenient. Whatever the reason, money is being made online as displayed in this graph by comSource, Inc. found at . The graph below, clearly displays the growth of sales by comparing sales made during the Holiday seasons in 2008 and 2009.

Remember, the dollar signs and percentages shown in the above graph, are that of holidays only, which in total, crosses the $27 billion dollars threshold. It does not include other money made during the rest of the year, so to say the very least, money can be made by becoming an online store owner.

Some of you reading this may already be an online store owner, while others might be contemplating becoming one. The big question is... What if your interest isn't in T-shirts, but you want to display your talents and still want to take part in the money being made online?

5 places online where you can express your creativity and sell your work:
Besides the obvious Print On Demand shops like, Zazzle and Cafepress, where you have the choice of selling t shirts only, merchandise only, or both; There are many other places online where you can sell your artwork that you may not be aware of. Here is a list of 5 places you might find useful to display and/or sell your work: (This list was created in no particular order)

  • - Provides self-publishing services for writers, musicians, film makers, and photographers. At you are able to create hard and soft cover books, CD's, DVD's, etc. Lulu helps you to sell your work at places like and provides useful tools to help with promoting your creation(s) on social media sites.

  • - Provides services for film makers, writers, and musicians. Here, you can create print on demand books, CD's, and DVD's and because it is owned by, your work is automatically included in the Amazon Catalog.

  • - Make your creative game idea(s) a reality through this website. Upload your artwork and game rules, state if dice, etc. need to be included and your game is now ready for sale.

  • 4. - Create recipe books that hold up to 100 recipes. Not only can you choose to use your very own recipe, but you also are able to use recipes from third party providers.

  • 5. - Use your artwork, designs, and graphics to create print on demand fabric on either quilting or upholstery weight cotton or organic cotton sateen, with prices ranging from $18 – $32 per yard.

*(Be sure to always read the terms and services before trying an online service)*

There are many places online that can provide an outlet to those who want to become a part of the online selling community which are not listed here. These are just a few websites to help those who may not want to sell t shirts online, but are wanting to express their creativity while making money.
This list may also be found useful to those who are already an online store owner, who IS selling t-shirts, for they too can be used as another way to display your creative artwork on other products or may be a way to showcase your other talents while earning some extra cash.

Written By: Amanda Ryan, Creature Creations, Personalized Photo Gifts

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