Monday, September 20, 2010

Podcast 22: You've Got Mail!

It's the first episode of the 2nd series and we come out all guns blazing and introduce you to our new and improved format. We kick the show off by talking about what you can do online if you don't sell t-shirts..We then bounce from online to offline and give some tips for how to sell t-shirts offline. After that we then explore press releases and give some suggestions for writing and distributing press releases. We then have the pleasure of interviewing Brad Kelly from Cotton in Motion in our new segment "What's Your Passion" and Brad spills the beans on e-mail marketing, NOT to be missed..

If Tee's Aren't For Me
Selling Offline: Tips, Tricks and Ideas
Press Releases

Brought to you by our Guest Brad Kelly of Cotton In Motion:
Why You Need an Email List

08:27 -
Jean Roth - Rotem Gear
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24:38 - N400 with their song "What I'd Do For You"
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"What's Your Passion" with guest...
27:30 - Brad Kelly - Cotton In Motion
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40:52 - Jason Sadler - I Wear Your Shirt
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