Sunday, June 13, 2010

Does This Get YOUR Interest?? be honest, I really hope it did! This post will give some tips on how to try get peoples interest so that they may be more inclined to read your post and possibly interact with it..

The following techniques and ideas can be used to get peoples interest:

Use of you, your, you're
Don't leave things too general, the use of you speaks directly to people and makes them more inclined to click on a link.

Use of Numbers
For some reason we can't help but click on a link to a list or a link which contains a number. That is why there is such a huge amount of outrageous lists "Top 17 Ways to Start a Fire" - even though you may have no interest in how to start a fire (Bear Grylls excluded) you would still be tempted to click on it. I guess the use of numbers helps to quantify things and gives us a numerical beginning and ending so that we have an idea of how long we may have to invest in reading a blog post. A title of "Top Ways to Start a Fire" just doesn't have the same appeal as the one including the number so use numbers.

Ask Questions
There is nothing more engaging than asking someone a question as it gets people to, use questions in titles when you can and if you are looking to get comments on a blog post or facebook update make sure to include a question. Sometimes even questions which are totally unrelated to your niche or business can get a lot of interaction on facebook etc. Questions like "what is your favourite food?" can get a lot of interactions..However, an even better way to ask questions is to try polarise your audience and encourage them to pick a side. Expanding on the notion of food by restricting the spectrum of choice and options of the reader you can garner more interactions as it is a lot "easier" for them to choose. So, "Which do you prefer, Italian food or Chinese food?" could get quite a few interactions and help establish some common ground with fans.

When writing titles, updates, tweets you want to try craft them as much as possible. The use of !! and CAPS in places can help a title stick out a bit more amongst all the others which may raise your click through rate.

Link Bait
Make the title as interesting, enticing and appealing as possible. It sounds like common sense but a lot of times you see very dull titles and just don't click through. Link baited titles should be a bit curious and not overly clear so that whoever sees it when reading it will just have to click through. Humans are curious creatures and explorers - get their interest and they'll explore...

Ultimately you want to experiment with your titles. Keep track of what works more than others and aim to continually refine. The above are some ideas for things to use and try implement but I'd love to hear what has been good for you..Any facebook updates that got a lot of comments/interactions for you? or any blog title which has been a magnet for clicks?

This post was written by Rob from LadyUmbrella ladies t-shirts.

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