Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Acronyms Translated, wipe that confused frown off your forehead!

The use of the internet has become more and more prevalent in our daily lives. No matter if we use it to play, work, or to socialize, we as a society are using it and spending a lot more time online. It can sometimes be difficult to keep up with the fast past we are growing accustom to and with all the new "online languages" popping up. Nowadays, almost every paragraph you see when searching the web or talking with friends has at least one acronym/abbreviation within it. Teesinapod has compiled a list of ones we see the most to provide an online resource for those who just want to know, "What do those letters mean?" Do you know of any that are not shown here?

General Social Media Acronyms

ROI - Return on Invesment (Republic of Ireland, ole)
SROI - Social Return of Investment
SM - Social Media
SMM - Social Media Marketing
SMO - Search Media Optimization
EM - Email Marketing
SN - Social Network

Twitter Acronyms
DM - Direct Message
RT - ReTweet
PRT - Please ReTweet OR Partial ReTweet
FB - Facebook

Facebook Acronyms
FP - Fan Page

Marketing Acronyms
SEO - Search Engine Optimization
SERP -Search Engine Result Pages
SEM - Search Engine Marketing
SEP - Search Engine Positioning
UGC- User Generated Content
VM - Viral Marketing

Webmaster Acronyms
HTML - Hyper Text Mark-up Language
XHTML - eXtensable Hyper Text Mark-up Language
CSS - Cascading Style Sheets
URL - Universal Resource Locator
Jav OR JVS - Java Script
PR - Page Rank
PV - Page View
UV - Unique Visitor
APP - Application
DN - Domain Name
NAV - Navigation
RL - Reciprocal Link

What acronyms/abbreviations have you come across that have baffled you? Any we should add to the list? Please, leave a comment and let us know...

Created By: Teesinapod Team

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