Wednesday, May 19, 2010

5 Secret Tips When Using Zazzle

There are many Print On Demand (POD) companies offered online for artists to sell their artwork on products for little to no cost and one of the more popular companies artists are turning to is, . This article will explore secret tips to getting the most out of using Zazzle, but first lets start off with the basics...

t Is Zazzle?
Zazzle offers many designers, photographers, painters, and other artists a wide variety of products to showcase their work and to sell within their very own online store. Zazzle shop keepers are responsible for creating the designs that will appear on Zazzle's merchandise, while Zazzle itself, will take care of the shipment of such products, customer service, and the actual making of the product (such as magnets, keychains, t-shirts, etc.) within a 24 hour time frame. They also provide customers the option of customizing their products before they buy which allows the customer infinite opportunities in creating one-of-a-kind gift(s).

Letting The Secrets Out...
Psssst.... are you a Zazzle store owner? Are you always looking for ways to get the most out of using Zazzle, your online store, and in making some extra cash? Lets start letting the secret tips out... Some of you may already know, use, and love these tips; while others may be discovering a whole new way of using Zazzle. Most of these tips (not all) can be found some where within, but not always easily... here is the list we found most informative and helpful when using Zazzle to make more money.

  • Did you know: Zazzle has a Referral Program? It is a great incentive to help promote your work and the work of other Zazzle shop keepers, while earning extra cash. Zazzle also offers a Volume Bonus, which means, Zazzle will give you a bonus based on a percentage of what you sell! So here is Secret Tip 1: By copying and pasting this URL: into a new browser, you can then bookmark it and every time you come across a Zazzle item you want to refer, this will automatically create the referral link for you!
  • Did you know: Zazzle has it's own University? Well, kind of... Secret Tip 2: Zazzle offers a place online called, Zazzle University that provides many different tutorials, examples, and links to help better understand how to use Zazzle to your advantage.
  • Did you know: Zazzle Offers Product Guidelines? This tip may be one of the tips you already use, especially if you have been using Zazzle for some time now, but for those new to Zazzle, we felt it was important to include. Secret Tip 3: Download the Zazzle Product Image Guideline Files to use in the software of your choice like, PhotoShop, etc. when creating your artistic designs so that they correctly fit on each product you want to sell within your Zazzle store. Be sure to read more about Understanding the Image Guidelines Zazzle provides before you download them.
  • Did you know: One of the most important parts of your products achieving high search engine rankings is the "Title Tag" you use when creating a product? Secret Tip #4: Be sure to use a relative, descriptive "Title" whenever you are creating a product. Also, don't forget to fill out the "Description" box and "Tags" for your products, for these too are highly important in getting your products found. Stay away from flooding your product information with useless keywords for customers want to land on the page/product they are searching for. At first, thinking that using popular keywords that don't match your product may help in getting your product found, it will not help in getting the product bought, which is the main goal.
  • Did you know: You can keep track of who, what, and where your store is being mentioned online? When a blog, another online store, twitter, etc. mentions your Zazzle store's name... you can get alerted via email to go and check out what is being said about your store. This can also help in knowing of any bad news that might be floating around and help you quickly correct any issues. Secret Tip #5: All you have to do is set up Google Alerts by entering in your Zazzle store name, email address, and then wait for the emails to roll in.
There you have it... the Top 5 Secret Tips to know and use when wanting to get the most out of your online store with Zazzle. Feel free to let us know if you found this article useful... Any of these tips new to you? Are you using these tips already? Share with us by adding a comment below or on our Facebook Fan Page!

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