Sunday, May 2, 2010

Podcast 3: Social Media Superstars

This is the first podcast where we tried to follow a structure and would really love to get your feedback on it. On this weeks podcast we dish the dirt on:

1) How to Cash in on the Holidays - just like selling hoovers...
- Timing
- Volume
- Original Designs

2) A Rock Stars Social Media Strategy (Whiskey Optional) with Seven Days
- Dynamic Duo
- Blogs
- Social Bookmarking

3) Musical Interlude with Outside by Seven Days

4) Difference Between POD (Print on Demand) and Screenprinting

5) Q & A

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06:43 - Rotem Gear. "The ideas and languages come directly from my own multicultural background" - R. Jean Roth. Rotem Gear was mentioned as an example of a shopkeeper who is designing for holiday niches such as Rosh Hashana & Chanuka (Jewish Holidays) along with offering a collection of Asian Zodiac tee designs and more.
Follow Rotem Gear on twitter.

13:15 - Seven Days with their song Outside.

Q&A Segment...

25:25 - Erin Ryan. Online shopkeeper - visit 4u2bunique; and on Ustream for the Social Blade Show. * Follow Erin on Twitter.

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