Saturday, May 8, 2010

May - Tips Of The Day

Tees In A Pod strives to provide you with many resources in helping you reach your goals with all of your online ventures. Another way we provide such support, besides our weekly podcast, is by sharing with you a "Tip Of The Day" on our Facebook Fan Page. Below, we have created a list of all the Fan Page tips we sent out as status updates for the month of MAY! Stay tuned... for every month a new list will be posted...

Please leave a comment and share with us any tips you have! We'll use them as a "Tip Of The Day" to share with others on our Facebook Fan Page, as well as list it here, plus we will give you credit for your awesome tip! Enjoy!!

MAY: Tips Of The Day!
  • Tip Of The Day For Zazzlers: Did you know if you use the asterisk (*) after your store's URL, it is known as a referral and you can earn extra cash in doing it ? ex:* Try it with yours!

  • Did you know that your Facebook Fan Page Insights has a new addition called "Interactions Per Post"... Check out the drop down in the first graph where you will discover this most recent "Insight" :)

  • When creating tabs with apps on your Facebook Fan Page be sure and try many different and FREE sites that offer easy and professional ones, such as "Involver" so add a tab for Twitter, YouTube, etc. and "Maximize Your Facebook Pages!" :)

  • Did you know you could change the name of a link you share on Facebook? You sure can... just type in a URL like this: (Use your own Url too) and when the drop down appears click on the "Title" and change it to what you want others to see!! Change it up!

  • Shared Tip Alert! Comes to you from one of our Awesome Fans! If you add a link to your status update on Facebook, you can change the description from the drop down too!! Great to know and thank you so much Amy for your wonderful tip!

  • Use hashtags on Twitter and Facebook too! hashtags are: when you use a word related to your post/tweet beginning with the symbol "#" this spreads the news faster, categorizes it, and can build your company's sense of community! #hashtag it up!

  • Be sure to include the "@" symbol when wanting to mention someone on Facebook. Ex: Tees In A Pod (put "@" symbol, start typing choose from drop down.) This way, what you are saying will show up on their FB page too! The only way you can do this, is if you are friends or likers of ones page. Let them know you are talkin' about them :)

  • Ever wish you could download your FB photo albums to your computer? Now you can with this Firefox Add On:

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