Thursday, June 10, 2010

Now That's An Aggregator!

Here at Tees in a Pod we want to keep you up to date with the latest and greatest things in the tee world...Last week something which I consider to be a stroke of genius was unleashed to the unsuspecting t-shirt blogging and store world..

Most of us are familiar with content aggregators, sites like Digg, Reddit and Stumpleupon to name but a few. These sites act as social filters to let the best content rise to the top by way of votes, comments, diggs and stumbles from the community. The beauty of these sites is that you can quickly find social proofed content that you might be interested in for a wide range of topics..In a way though a wide variety of content may not be something you're interested in if you are heavily focused on one niche say.

Step forward Andrew Bowness of Hide Your Arms fame, a tee blog known far and wide and highly regarded which was talking about t-shirts long before us. He expanded his online real estate significantly by creating two sites which are beautiful for their simplicity, usefulness and innovation.

His first offering which was rolled out last week is which is a niche driven aggregator for..wait for it...t-shirt blogs..There are already a list of 164 t-shirt blogs which are dynamically ranked based on the number of votes received in the 5 star rating system..Not only that it but the list will continue to grow as people can easily submit their blog for inclusion. Now, that's an aggregator! Whenever you have no fresh posts to read here now you know where to go to find some other quality reading..Feel free to give us a rating when you check it out, we're currently lingering in 38th place - you can change that..

Yesterday, just days after the unveiling of that marvel Andrew followed it up with an even greater trump card and launched site operates in the same way as the former and already has a mammoth listing of 140 online t-shirt stores..If you have your own t-shirt store it would be advised to add your store to this list and use it to discover what other top brands are doing right..

So, what do you think of these new niche driven aggregators? I think they will very quickly become one of the de facto go to sites for those in the t-shirt world. Along with Tees in a Pod we hope...Let us know what you think...

This post was written by Rob from LadyUmbrella ladies t-shirts.

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