Saturday, June 19, 2010

Screen Printing At Zazzle? Say What!

In the past, Zazzle has offered customers several ways to create unique, customizable "work of arts"on apparel. Until recently, this could only be done via digital or embroidery printing. Most of what Zazzle offered was geared towards the individual customer and not towards those customers who want to purchase a larger amount of items, especially for groups or teams. Zazzle is now offering the option to customers who are wishing to purchase a large order of t-shirts and other apparel, using Screen Printing... that's right, I said Screen Printing!

Zazzle has created this video to help understand why this latest addition of Screen Printing, is easy to use and affordable....

A few questions need some answering though... "How does this work for Zazzle customers?" and "How does this affect Zazzle shop keepers? Lets dive into how Screen Printing can be used by customers and then talk about how Zazzle store owners can use it as well...

Zazzle shop keepers: In knowing how Screen Printing can be used by customers also helps in knowing how to promote it within your Zazzle store.

Zazzle Screen Printing For Customers
The first question you might be asking yourself is, "There must be a set-up fee, right?" There are absolutely no set-up fee costs, and on top of that, screen printed shirts start at $9.99, but can go as low as $2.98/shirt after bulk discounts. As a Zazzle customer, one great way to buy t-shirts, hoodies, etc. for your "bowling team" or "baseball team" or any other team, group, and/or event, is now through Zazzle's Screen Printing option. Zazzle gives you, "the customer" several ways in how to create shirts using Screen Printing!

3 Easy Steps For Zazzle Customer's: Screen Printing

1. Choose A Shirt. The first step, is to choose which shirt or shirts you wish to use from a wide selection. Here, is where you choose the color, style, and type of shirt(s) you wish to place your design or text on. You are not limited to just choosing one type of shirt either. In this step, you can choose to have both Men's and Women's shirts included in your order. Also, if you are not sure which sizes to choose for the group, team, and/or event, Zazzle can even select the sizes for you! Once you've chosen which shirt(s) you want, enter in the quantity you need.(The minimum order of shirts allowed is 12). However, the more shirts you choose to purchase at one time, the larger the discount you may receive via Zazzle's "Volume Discount".



(Note: Depending on which shirt(s) you choose and the amount of shirts you choose; may increase or decrease the price.)

2. Add a design
  • Zazzle provides customers the ability to place their very own text/design on their chosen shirt(s), through the "Start From Scratch" option. When doing this, you will be presented with an "image conversion dialog." This provides you with 4 basic controls: Number of Colors, Image Filter, Transparency, and Blending. These controls allow you to change your uploaded design to meet the requirements for Screen Printing. Designs must only have a maximum of 8 colors. The more colors you select from the available 8 for your design , the more expensive your final design will be.
  • However, there is another option. For those customers who may not feel comfortable in designing or who have little to no designing skills, they can choose a pre-designed template from a large amount of categories, and begin creating with the "Start With A Template" option. When creating how you want the design/text to be placed on the chosen shirt(s), Zazzle still offers customers the ability to "customize and personalize" before buying, as they have done in the past, using Zazzle's "design tool".

3. Place the Order. After you've finished creating the design, the next and final step is to place the order. Here, Zazzle provides customers the cost of what you have created combined with the total of the t-shirts. Zazzle also offers those customers who need their screened printed shirts in a hurry, free factory rush on express shipping orders. Order your shirts by 3pm PT today, and Zazzle will have them ready to ship in 3-5 business days.
Zazzle Return Policy remains the same.

It's literally that easy, but if for any reason you are stuck on a step, or need more information, Zazzle does offer customers the option to either contact Customer Support via phone or to view additional Screen Printing information. Plus, Zazzle Shop Keepers are always helpful, so remember to use the Zazzle Forums as well.

Zazzle Screen Printing For Shop Keepers:
To understand how Screen Printing can be used by Shop Keepers, first we must understand how to use the "Zazzle Seller Incentive Program."

The Zazzle Seller Incentive Program includes:
  • Zazzle Referrals
  • Zazzle Volume Bonus
Zazzle Referrals
Zazzle shop keepers can use their "Referral ID" that is associated with their Zazzle account to earn extra cash (Find your ID by going into your Zazzle account and clicking on the "Associates" tab). By placing this ID with any Zazzle product or store URL, you earn 15% from each sale that is made within 45 days of a customer clicking on that referral link. (It can be your products or another Zazzle shop keeper's products).

TIP: One easy and useful way to create referral links, is by following the steps given by the Referral Link Builder.

Zazzle Volume Bonus
There are two ways to make extra money with the "Zazzle Volume Bonus" and there is no cost to participate. (Check your volume bonus in your Zazzle account under the "Earnings" Tab and click on "Volume Bonus" located on the left-hand side.)
  • Standard Volume Bonus - Starts when you make $100 or more from sales within your store. There are several levels and at each level you earn a percentage. Ex- Level 1: If you make $100-$999.99 you earn an extra 7%, and with each level, the percentage gets higher. The percentage is calculated from the base price (before the mark-up). To also help with this is, the "Third Party Volume Bonus" - This refers to, when a third-party drives sales to your products. Again, the more sales you make, the larger the volume bonus you will receive!
  • Associate Volume Bonus - Is when you become a part of the "Zazzle Associate Program" and you use the "Zazzle Star." By adding an "asterisk" at the end of your Zazzle store's URL; this now makes the url a referral url. (Ex-*). In doing this, you receive not only the normal royalty from a sale, but an extra 15% for the referral.
Tip: You don't even need to have a Zazzle store to earn using the "Associate Volume Bonus!" Just open up a Zazzle account and use the "Zazzle Star" when sharing URL's of other Zazzle stores to earn extra cash.

In other words, in order for Zazzle shop keepers to participate in the new Screen Printing option, is by referring people to buy from it. As of right now, Zazzle does not offer shop keepers a way to create Screen Printing shirts to sell in their store, but who knows what the future may bring. So start referring and earning some extra cash!!

Using the "Seller Incentive Program," Shop Keepers Can Earn Extra Cash From The Screen Printing Option:
By using referral links to the Zazzle Screen Printing option, shop keepers earn extra money. For the more customers buy, the more they save, but the more you earn via the "Volume Bonus." Here are some tips on how to promote using the "Seller Incentive Program" for the Screen Printing option, which will earn you extra cash:
  • Refer customers to the wide variety of Screen Printing templates by adding a link to your Zazzle storefront. Use the "Zazzle Star" when promoting your store's url and when customers purchase from the Screen Printing templates link, you will earn an extra 15%.
  • After creating a referral link, advise customers of this new addition to Zazzle by sharing the link on a variety social networks.
  • Write a blog post about Zazzle Screen Printing and include the referral links in the post.
Screen Printing Option For Non-Zazzler's:
For those not using Zazzle to sell apparel - using the newly available screen printing to create your shirts, can save your business time and money. Of course, this does depend on what you are paying now for your shirts at your current screen printer, but it is definitely worth doing a comparison. It also wouldn't hurt to order some shirts to see if the quality is what you and your customers are use too.

What do you think about Zazzle's Screen Printing Option?
On the Tees In A Pod Facebook Page, Twitter, etc. I reached out by asking questions, basically wanting to know what YOU think about the new Screen Printing option at Zazzle. Here are some of the responses I received:

Q: How many of you have tried the new "Screen Printing" option available through Or Know someone who has? Would you use the new Screen Printing option ? Share your thoughts!

Tobin J. from CrockTees said,
"... Haven't looked into it but very curious."

Brad K
. from T-shirt Review Blog said,
"... the ability to have on-demand screen printing levels the playing field a bit. It takes away a barrier to entry for a lot of start-up brands that want to be taken seriously, but can't afford a massive first order from a screen printer... Quality is king though. If it's not a professional print and they cut corners on ink and technique, they'll perpetuate the idea that POD providers offer second-rate shirts... If they get it right, I think it could be huge and the other POD services will follow suit. "

Kelly from Saucewear said:
"probably not. I priced out 20 shirts, and it was about $100 more than I would pay."

Richard R. from Ratso's said:
"It sounds like a good idea but I have not tried it."

Erin R. from 4u2bunique said:
"Any improvements to anything is a good idea.."

Jamie C. from Pandora Apparel said:
"would definitely be interested in investigating. the problem is shipping from the states!... (to Ireland...)"

Helena P. from Helena Pion Photography and Design said:
"I have no idea, I haven't tried it. But I am thinking it'll work better for huge quantities of t-shirts."

As you can see their definitely is some interest in seeing how the Screen Printing will be used by customers, shop keepers, and by Zazzle itself. We definitely want to know what you think... Have your say too!

Q:What do YOU think of the New Screen printing at Zazzle? Will you buy some shirts using this new option, refer people to it, etc? Does this blog post help you to decide or change your mind? Share your thoughts as well, by leaving us a comment!

Written By: Amanda Ryan, Creature Creations, Personalized Photo Gifts


  1. I try not to bad mouth companies on other people's blogs, but I have a severe issue with Zazzle. About 2 years ago, I purchased a single shirt - digital printing - from them. Price was reasonable, but not worth the hassle of getting Zazzle to print the shirt correctly. The first shirt they sent had printing on the front instead of the back. The second shirt was off center; and the third shirt, the colors were blurred (and not even the correct colors in the image I uploaded - and before you get on me about that, red and yellow is not even close to blue and white). I gave them 3 chances and said enough was enough. To this day I have not received a well printed shirt or a refund! Zazzle gets half a star in my book. Now I use!

  2. Hey Michael! I appreciate your comment for dissatisfaction will certainly affect how or if one uses a company even if they add new options like Screen Printing or not. It's too bad that you had to have this experience and I wonder if it would be treated differently today?? Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us :D - Amanda R.

  3. I wanted to add that in the last two years of ordering I've never had a single problem with Zazzle products. Though I am a shopkeeper, I am also a customer ordering both my own and other's items.

    As a shopkeeper, I had managed to design a business card with a glitch that didn't work during ordering. Zazzle caught the problem, called me and asked my opinions, and they fixed it so that the customer could get their product and future customers could too. I'd have to guess that errors due to inexperience on the designers end are plenty common.

  4. Thanks Annalee! It really does depend on how it is used and I'm sure there has been many updates as the years have past at Zazzle. I'm glad you shared your thoughts on this. I hope that with the new Screen Printing.. (since it is new) that customers still walk away happy. Do you think you will use the new Screen Printing referral system? Thanks - Amanda R.

  5. hello,
    screen printing is became popular day by day and it is also a good idea.
    thanks for this post.

  6. Very true Houston business postcard printing! Thank you!! - Amanda R.