Saturday, June 5, 2010

Show Me The Music!

FREE EXPOSURE FOR MUSICIANS/BANDS... Want some FREE Exposure!? Get it in our podcast...

FREE EXPOSURE FOR MUSICIANS/BANDS... Want some FREE Exposure? Get it in our podcast...
We'll tweet about it; talk about it on our Facebook Fan Page; blog about it; and we'll let all our listeners know where to find you!

Are you in a band? Solo artist and/or musician? We want to hear from YOU! Tees In A Pod loves featuring new artists during our music segment in each podcast we put out to the world every Monday! Let us know if you would like to take part! Email us at with your name (name of band if needed) and an MP3 of your song you wish for us to play. Also feel free to connect with us on the Tees In A Pod MySpace page too! We will then let you know if you will be featured!

Please note: music with profanity will not be accepted. Those interested can contact us (by leaving a comment below) here OR express their interest on our Facebook Fan Page wall.

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!

- Tees In A Pod Team -

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