Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"The Waiting Game" Success!

Josh Charles is a singer, songwriter, and pianist, who is working diligently on promoting his album, "Love, Work, & Money," which was released in February of this year. Most of you, have more than likely heard the name, Josh Charles, long before Tees In A Pod featured his song, "The Waiting Game" in Podcast 8.
Josh's music was first recognized by his charity efforts for the song, "Healing Time." In 2009, Josh Charles moved to New Orleans, four days before Hurricane Katrina hit. From his experience, and for the love of New Orleans and it's people, he dedicated the song, "Healing Time" to help rebuild New Orleans. All of it's proceeds goes to the "Preservation Resource Center Of New Orleans" and is still available for download at Amazon.com.

Today, Josh Charles was a spotlight speaker and musician for the Mashable Media Summit, presented by CNN. In his speech, Josh highlighted the importance of how he uses Music and Social Media, by sharing how he first started out using MySpace in 2004, and since then, incorporating other various social media sites to connect with his fans. Josh begins his speech with the fact that there once was a time, where fans could only read about their favorite musicians in magazines, but now, with the help of social media, fans can connect "almost instantly" with musicians.

Josh states, "When asked if I was on Twitter... I had no idea what they were talking about..." but in 2008, Josh joined Twitter. He began tweeting about songs and other various topics relating to what he was working on at the time. During his speech, Josh mentions one follower in particular, who began sharing his tweets with fans of the "Dave Matthews Band" on Twitter. As a result, Josh began connecting with followers who liked his music as well. He stated, "I was thrilled to be able to connect with people and start making friends..."
He also expressed that when he was on the Rebuild Tour "it was very easy to tweet..." He found blogging took time he didn't have while touring, but still "being able to connect with people and make that connection was very, very special..."
Josh also shared what he has learned using Music and Social Media, "it is definitely about the engagement with people, it's social. It's not about the self promotion..." Being able to share what he is doing at any given time regarding his music, Josh finds, Twitter and other Social Media sites to be the"Most Powerful tool..."

As you all know, Tees In A Pod are advocates in using Social Media as part of any business. It is always great to hear those who are successful at what they do, share how they use Social Media and in how helpful it has been with their career. Tees In A Pod wishes to extend a congratulations for being a spotlight speaker and musician during the Mashable Media Summit today and a job well done for the two songs preformed, "The Waiting Game" and "Healing Time."

Social Media can make a difference and Josh Charles is proof of this. Begin connecting with those "waiting" to connect with you and success is sure to follow.

Spotlight on Music and Social Media with Josh Charles at the Mashable Media Summit 2010

Watch live streaming video from mashable at livestream.com

Written By: Amanda Ryan, Creature Creations, Personalized Photo Gifts

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