Monday, August 16, 2010

Podcast 18: Double Jeopardy with Daniel From Skreened (Part 2)

This weeks podcast concludes the interview we did with Daniel Fox from Skreened. Our listeners had submitted a multitude of questions for Daniel to answer and that is what this episode is all about..Not only that but the winner of the $20 Skreened voucher will be announced towards the end of the podcast...

01:06 - Paulette Brandenburg

01:33 - Homage
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03:45 - Lee Hiller-London
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05:31 - Sean Gothman - Gothman Flavored!
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07:34 - Rick London - londonstimes
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11:22 - Laura - LT Design Studio
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12:58 - Kelly - Saucewear
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14:14 - Tropicando
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15:55 - Diane Trujillo (aka PandorazBox80)
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17:50 - Mongo - Mongo Angry! Mongo Smash!
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20:04 - Chris Trude - Trudesign
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