Monday, August 30, 2010

Podcast 20: It's Mammoth!

It's a mammoth podcast to mark our 20th episode..On todays show we have a nice round up of the 4 ways of internet marketing..We bounce from one round up to another as we head to the jungle for an A - Z talk about animals being used in t-shirt design..After that we talk about t-shirt forums and why you should be active there..We then ring in the changes as we have Kelly from Saucewear back on the show for our new "Tee Spotlight"'s the good good..

Note - as part of the "Tee Spotlight" with Tee Gazette, Tees In A Pod listeners can get 30% OFF Fresh Dough - offer for August 30th - 24hrs only... code: FDBDAY


4 Ways Of Internet Marketing

Rumble In The Jungle: The A to Z of Animal Tees

T-Shirt Forums - Join the Convo!

Brought to you by our Guest Kelly Murphy of Tee Gazette:
1 - TTG Tee Of The Day – Caught You Looking by RoadKill T-Shirts
2 - TTG Promo Alert – Fresh Dough turns ONE!


11:12 - DesignBakery

12:20 - Rodney Blackwell - T-Shirt Forums

15:42 -


  1. Is there any way you can make this downloadable so I don't have to be at my computer while listening?

  2. Hey there anonymous...Yes, you can download the good good from iTunes ( or you can also grab it from podbean - enjoy it on the move..ole..