Monday, October 18, 2010

Facebook Social Plug Ins

Facebook Social Plug-Ins have quickly spread across the world wide web allowing webmasters to integrate facebook onto their website. There are a variety of options available and I'll briefly mention some of the choices you have when you want to include facebook on your site..

The Standard Like
It is the basic facebook plug in, the standard like which one can see on abundance of websites..It is ideal for pages with content or products as when people press the "like" button your page is now in that users news feed..This, is a good thing.

The Like Box
The like box gives you the chance of getting fanpage fans even when users aren't on your fanpage. The like box contains pictures of fans, a "become a fan" button, a stream of recent posts and is very customisable depending on what you want displayed. The like box is ideal for blog side bars so as users are scrolling through your content with one click they can become "likers" of your facebook page.

Works like a like button but it's a little bit different..Pros, if clicked upon might get more of a success rate in a news stream (as it's different)..Con, less people will recommend compared to like (as it's different)..An ideal implementation of the recommend button might be on your homepage to try drive some traffic.

The facebook comments box lets your customers give feedback or thoughts on products, blog posts or pages. Provoke conversation about your products as this may be super strong social proof - which is good..

You can find out more about social plug ins and implement them on to your own site by going to . So, where have you used facebook social plug ins and what benefits have you found from them?

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