Sunday, November 14, 2010

Podcast 26 : Twitter Twitter Twitter! Oi Oi Oi!

We have a truly twitterific episode with an Aussie twist this week. We roll out a guru and talk twitter tactics. To lead into the tasty twitter theory we start out discussing the differences between the old twitter and the new twitter. Following on from this we then discuss twitter backgrounds and give out some tips, pointers and ideas..After that the Aussies take over as we have music from Australian band Magic Dirt and then Greg Wilson of GWP Studios joins us to talk Twitter. Greg has built up an unprecedented 133,000 twitter followers in jig time and then reveals during the show that that is only one account of many! Notebooks open and pen in hand time, press play and enjoy..

Greg Wilson of GWP Studio * twitter * Facebook

Twitter Backgrounds

02:43 - @rizzotees
03:37 - @blogluvr29
03:50 - @jaisjewels
04:57 - @saucewear
06:18 - @blogmamaAndrea
06:42 - @crazyadventures
07:05 - @snowkitten
16:16 - @iamthetrend

17:32 - "Pace It" by Aussie band, Magic Dirt
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- Greg Wilson of GWP Studio * twitter * Facebook

25:53 - @Needimages
26:33 - @crazy_golfer
33:23 - @Alyssa_Milano
33:31 - @aplusk (Ashton Kutcher)
56:35 - @artphoto

Greg's Twitter Tool Recommendations:

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