Sunday, March 21, 2010

6 Onsite SEO Tips You Can Use Today To Improve Rank!

This post will briefly touch on 6 onsite SEO tips you can use on your website right now to improve and help with your ranking in the search engines. Rather than being long and rambling the points have been kept as concise as possible to encourage further "googling" and a dialog between us and you. In our weekly podcasts we'll flesh out each of the below points and welcome any questions on them or any aspect of SEO that may be irking you.

1) Ensure there is a well written, non-duplicated attractive, title and description tags on every page which contain some of your keywords. Google does NOT like duplicate titles.

2) Use of h1 tags - only once per page and for key keywords. Google does not like more than one h1 tag.

3) Avoid use of "click here" or "more info" type of links as they don't give the search engines much information. Always use alt/title tags when linking and try link via a keyword.

4) Make sure that you have a robots.txt file - this way will ensure all pages get indexed and invites the spiders in to come crawling

5) Check that important images are labeled properly with the alt tag and name them according to your keywords. Why not put the images in a folder so that the img src looks like keyword/keyword - keep the search engines happy.

6) Use the footer on all pages to link your pages via keywords. It keeps users as it makes navigation easy and makes it easier for search engines to crawl your site as well as giving the search engines useful information about pages.

Not really a SEO but will help get the onsite to sprawl to the offsite..prominently place your social media links so that people can fan/follow etc..just like you can fan and follow us on the Tees In a Pod Facebook Fanpage and the Tees In a Pod Twitter..

And there you have it, 6 hangers in the SEO cupboard that we'll dress up with more in depth SEO info in the coming weeks..but, for now, lets see some comments with any questions you may have, what you'd like us to cover in our podcasts or any of your top SEO tips - I want to learn too.. ole..

This post was written by Rob from LadyUmbrella ladies t-shirts.


  1. I'd like to add some more small tips here, since I know more in this area..

    7. Monitor yourself on search engines (especially Google, as it has almost 70-75% market share)

    8. Communicate with your customer / visitor via search engine description text, if your capable to use key phrases that are known to create a positive mood, by all means use it.

  2. Cheers for commenting..Agree, important to monitor everything - you can't manage what you can't measure..

    Also a good tip about the description text, it should be used as a way of peaking peoples interest to increase click throughs. Use of "free shipping" and the likes will get peoples attention.

    Another thing of note about the descriptions is that they should be different for each page being indexed to get best rankings possible..In googles webmaster section there are lots of errors you can test your site for and fix...gotta keep Google happy..

    Thanks again for the input, much appreciated..Rob