Thursday, March 18, 2010

Whats the word? Word up! - Rugged Rap Style

Don't know about you guys out there in TV Land (or podcast land) but we are chomping at the bit to get our podcast up and running and dish out some juicy information for you and your online store...But, as we work out the final kinks and pound the many IT gremlins to oblivion that have been delaying our launch we have a special treat for you..

Whats the word? Word UP fool! Check it out, the Tees in a Pod Rap has been dropped like it's it, chuckle if you must and love it...

Great and all as the lyrics are (and they are really like, come on, we're not "wrappers") imagine if you could hear the four of us skype free style it to a rough and rugged beat? Join our mailing list NOW and for a limited time you'll be one of the first people to hear the smooth beats and flow of the Tees in a Pod team..Do it!

And here it is...the tees in a pod rap, drop the beat ya'll and spit it...

Tees in a pod, tees in a pod
Teach a man to fish without a rod
Tons of t shirt knowledge to make your head nod
Yo yo this is tees in a pod

First in our crew is Canadian Amanda Ryan
A photo wiz and no we ain't lying
If you listen to her advice on creating merchandise
Your shop will get those sales, a coming real nice

Amanda launched a store named Creature Creations
Her helpful blog tips will get you lots of vacations
She knows the secret to online shop success
Teach you how to make friends and network the best.

Tees in a pod, no no no tees in your face
We've got four experienced shop owners gathered in one place
Our strategies will be free or cost very little cash
So you'll have a profitable business up in a flash

Then we got Rob from LadyUmbrella
His networking skills make him quite the Irish fella
Rob is a master of social media
He might as well have wrote the twitter wikipedia

Ladyumbrella is all over the place
On twitter, facebook, and blogs - they are in your face
If you need your shop to get some online buzz
Rob is the man to do it and always was.

Our graphics design expert is Amanda Vare
Her logos, tees, and banners are full of flair
This Aussie from Grit FX always brings some great insight
On how to get your web design looking water tight

Amanda always provides a constructive critique
Which will help your shop reach its very peak
To make your online shop a spectacle to see
Get the graphic design advice from our own and only Amanda V

Our fourth member is Tim Fox from the United States
He wants to help you with your t shirt fates
Tim from Soge Shirts is good at marketing and SEO
and his networking skills will tell you who to know

He uses humor to get his point across
but he wants you to be successful online at all costs
so if you need a bit of marketing advice to get your shop selling
Tim says ask the Amandas, or Rob and stop yelling.

Tees in a Pod no no no Tees of the Universe
Our four members are all totally diverse
We come from four different nations but have the same occupations
and hope our experience can get your shop appreciation

Tees in a Pod a new tee sensation-ation-ation-ation......

And so, there it is - what do you think? Would love to hear any verses you might have been compelled to pen as reading it so leave a comment with your raps :) Also, join our mailing list now so that we can send you the rough and rugged skype mix which is coming soon...

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