Thursday, April 8, 2010

Designing For A Cause

When turning on the television, radio, or computer, most of the news you hear is that of either tragedy, despair, or disease. With the increase of natural disasters, poverty, and incurable diseases, to name only a few, it can sometimes be hard to feel nothing but sadness and frustration to say the least. What if there was a way to help those who are not able to help themselves? To stand up for what you think is important and right?
Many shop keepers use their online store as an outlet to become involved with a cause, to make a statement, to help others, and to encourage people to get involved. This act of kindness can make a difference in changing peoples views on worldly topics and in increasing awareness about how change and help is possible. In creating such stores, people are forced to remember those who are needing our help and are able to learn how to make a difference, be it to a country, the world, or another living being. Here are some online stores we felt are worth mentioning for their efforts to change the world with one customer at a time and for bringing awareness to such important topics.

The first store, Support For Tibet, states on their site that it was created "to spread awareness of the cause of Tibetan refugees forced to leave their country, former political prisoners, and those still living in Tibet under Chinese occupation, whose basic human rights are denied every day." The creator is a volunteer for the Tibetan Exile Community in North India and the proceeds of each sale goes to help those living in McleodGanj, India. Some of their products include, t-shirts, mugs, stickers, and more. To find additional information about this important cause please visit, The Support For Tibet Store.

Another store we found doing great things is, The Breast Chek Kit. Their main focus is to encourage women to do a breast examination which can help in saving lives through early detection. What they offer is an actual kit that includes items such as a Nylon Spandex Shirt, to keep track of any changes in the breast, instructions on how to do a self-examination, and more. To learn all about how they're making a difference, visit their site and explore.

Hearts For Haiti store is another great example of shop keepers doing amazing things. Their products, are made from a collaboration of many designers who each have their own online store, but came together to design to help those in Haiti. The store offers stickers, buttons, magnets, and keychains, with inspirational designs on them. All proceeds from sales go to Hope For Haiti. To learn more on how to get involved or to see what all they offer, visit their site, Hearts For Haiti on Zazzle.

Another fine example of a store making a difference is, Cure Apparel Company. They have dedicated their store in helping to find a cure for Diabetes. Their products include a wide selection of t-shirts with amazing designs, focusing on raising awareness about diabetes and 10% of their sales goes to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). To see more and/or to purchase "clothing for a cause" head on over to their store.

These are only a few wondeful examples of shop keepers who make a difference. Thank you to all the shop owners who not only want to change the world in which we live in, but encourage others to do the same.
Other great causes can also be found within the Zazzle community. See if your cause is there, if not, why not create one. Maybe you already have a store designed for a cause, tell us all about it in the comment box below or on our Facebook Fan Page, Teesinapod!

Created By: Amanda Ryan, Creature Creations, Personalized Photo Gifts


  1. I run Modernist T-shirts and I donate all the profits from 1 of my tee's The King to the Cancer Council in memory of my principal investor who sadly passed away from cancer this year. Check it out at

  2. Hey Mondernist! I checked out your site and what a great tee! So sorry to hear that about your investor, but thank you for sharing. Think your doing an awesome thing for such a worthy cause! - Amanda R.

  3. Hey guys,

    Been working my way through your great content over the holidays - thanks!

    10% of my sales are donated to the charity Child's Play (, would be delighted for a shout out :)

    All the best, Karl