Monday, April 19, 2010

Podcast 1 Has Landed

Tees In A Pod blasted off with four brave "shoptronauts" wanting to share their tips, tricks, experience, and knowledge with all those new and experience store owners, business enthusiasts, and t shirt fanatics.
The four Tees In A Podders include, Amanda Ryan - Creature Creations, Manz - GritFX T-shirts, Tim Fox - Soge Shirts, and last but not least, Rob Ryan - LadyUmbrellaltd. Each member has a story to tell about their road to success in creating an online store, so what better way to start off the podcast journey then by a Question and Answer round table. Each member is asked questions and each gives their answers to what we are all dying to know... who makes up "Tees In A Pod"?

Monday April 19th 2010, has finally arrived which means, Podcast number one has finally landed! Be sure to tune in each Monday as a new podcast will be posted. Want to receive updates for every new podcast? Then subscribe by using one of our services right here ------->

So charge your iPods, grab your headphones, and/or pull up a chair for we invite you to discover the crew of "Tees In A Pod." We would love to hear your feedback so let us know..

Feel free to also visit us at where our podcast is also available.


  1. Excellent Blast off!!! Loved the questions for each other.
    All of the different accents are charming.

  2. Great Job to all the Podsters! Really enjoyed having this first podcast of many as an introduction to you all. You all had great points to bring and make t-shirt talk funnies, which is appreciated as a listener. I think the online t-shirt community was in need of a podcast that will lend a hand to their success as well as bring the community closer, which is a great idea. I personally look forward to next week's follow-up podcast and think that you all ROCK!

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  4. What a FANtastic group of people. This is such a great idea. People can get super frustrated with endless forum's and FAQ's of text. You are now providing a voice of help and information for all within the T-shirt or On-line business communities. Here is to much success for all of your stores as well as to the future of Tees in a Pod. ~Erin

  5. Thanks so much for the comment on the accents Donna and the praise in general. Not sure if my accent sounds that great (Tim) but I agree the rest of the crew has some fantastic accents.

    Anonymous that comment meant a lot. We would love to know who left this wonderful comment. Until that time we thank you for being a fantastic secret admirer.


    Your comment means a lot as providing a voice in the tshirt and online community is our main goal. We just all want to give back and help beginners and those who already have shops meet their potential. Thanks for the wish of success.