Monday, May 24, 2010

Podcast 6: Know Thyself

This weeks podcast is a little bit different to our other podcasts because we are having a GIVEAWAY!!! Yes, that's right, not only will you be getting some free info in our podcast but one lucky listener will win a $50 voucher for Vans - nice!! The line up for this podcast looks like:

- Designing for your Strengths
- Zazzle Tips
- Music
- Multi Lingual Madness VANS Giveaway
- Q + A

So, to enter our VANS giveaway we need you to leave a comment (here, on facebook or anywhere really) and let us know which impersonated accent you enjoyed the most. The "multi lingual madness" begins at 17:28 (you might want to listen to it a few times hehe). Leave a comment letting us know which accent you liked the most and we'll pick a winner at random. The competition will end on Monday 7th of June and we'll announce the winner on the 8th.. Good luck...

Here is a little poem we wrote to celebrate our giveaway. Hope you enjoy it!

Accents are cool,

Accents are great,

Choose the accent that wins the multilingual debate.






Doing impressions of each other just so you can win!

So who do you anticipate

Dude, Lad, Guy, Or Mate?

You chose our fate.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger knows how much he can bench press - do you?

5 Secret Tips When Using Zazzle


14:50 - Circle - Aussie band - with their song December 1983.
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Q&A Segment...

22:21 - Tobin Jones - Crock Tees
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  1. I LOL'd at all of you but most funny was Tim's impersonation of Rob and Amanda's (Creative Creations)impersonation of the other Amanda!
    You guys were hilarious. I literally laughed out loud and contemplated rolling on the floor.

  2. ahahaha that's awesome Ty!! I'm now laughing out loud at you almost rolling on the floor! So glad you had fun listening to it :) - Amanda R.

  3. Thanks Ty glad you liked it. Rob is fun to impersonate but its only cause I wish I could have a sweet accent like that.


  4. i totally enjoyed the australian impersonation
    fingers x crossed

  5. the aussie accent impersonation rocks!

  6. Thanks Shelly and Tattedgrl!! I'm glad you liked my impersonation it was fun to do :) - Amanda R.

  7. Gotta say, I think Tim's got this one in the bag! Great job with Rob's accent!

  8. I'm thinking you might be right Kelly LOL... Cricky I tried :P - Amanda R.

  9. Rob's accent is so great! :D I really enjoyed this podcast. I think it was great for Tim to note that it's not 100% possible to split up jobs in smaller business. You need to work to your strengths while trying to split up the responsibility. If you have something that can help out in a certain area, by all means, take advantage of your abilities and reach the common goal of seeing the company succeed! :D

  10. Thanks Kelly glad you liked it. Amanda is tough competition as are Rob and Manz. Jaden glad you enjoyed it as well. Trust me it took us a while to figure it out, but we have never looked back.Got to play to your strengths and partner with someone that can fill in your weaknesses.

  11. Multi-lingual delirium or not, I'm terrible at recognising accents ... always have been! Even when I think hard, I always mix them all up. I thought my flatmate was British but realised weeks later he was Aussie .. oops! Sooo I'm going to go with the only impersonation I heard easily (from which maybe you can imply it was the best?) and that was the Aussie accent. Fun times!

  12. Oh wow, I laughed so hard at Tim's impersonation of Rob! That was a fun little segment to listen to :)

    Great podcast as always!

  13. Thanks Katherine and Bo!! Glad you had a good time listening to it! - Amanda R.

  14. Cool thanks Katherine and Bo for your votes! So glad you got a kick out of it.

  15. Since I am from the U.S., I think Rob's attempt at a Californian American accent was funny as well as bad. Sorry Rob. Thanks for the laughs though guys.

  16. So glad you laughed along with us J. Benjamin! Thanks for tuning in :D - Amanda R.

  17. This was one of my favorite podcasts that you guys have done. The australian impersonation was really good.

  18. Thanks you for sharing Katya! We appreciate it :D - Amanda R.

  19. BIG Thank you to all our those who commented on here, Facebook, and on Twitter! Find out who won the VANS Gift Certificate here!