Monday, June 21, 2010

Podcast 10: A Good Year to Succeed!

Nobody wants to be known as a spammer. In this podcast we give you 10 ways to promote your business and avoid the title of “Spammer”. Raster or vector? Find out what they are all about as photoshop and illustrator face off in the tee ring. We then talk about robots.txt - do you like your robot?

10 Ways For Businesses To Promote Without Spamming

Photoshop VS Illustrator In The Tee Ring

Robots.txt - Be Friends with It!

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17:22 - The Dee Tees - Irish Band with their song Good Year.


  1. I love these podcasts. Very informative in an entertaining way. If anyone is looking to enter the t-shirt business, POD or otherwise, I recommend subscribing to Tees In A Pod. When I found out about it, there were already 9 episodes made so I listened to them all in one sitting. Now that I'm caught up, I can look forward to each new episode. Thanks Amanda, Manz, Tim and Rob for posting these podcasts and helping those who are still learning the ropes.

  2. Hey Hockey Blades! WOW!! I can probably respond for the whole team of TIAP when I say THANK YOU!! We appreciate your feedback and are extremely happy you have enjoyed the podcasts thus far. Thanks for checking us out and I can't believe you listened to all 9 in one sitting! That's awesome!! Thanks again for the wonderful comment :D - Amanda R.

  3. That's the great thing about podcasts. Since there is no video, you can have it playing in the background while you work on your t-shirt designs and POD shops. :)

  4. That is so true - that's one of the reasons why we decided on a podcast to begin with. Thanks for letting us know that you use it while working on your tshirt designs for that's just what we wanted to hear!! Great to know!!! :D - Amanda R.

  5. Another appealing aspect of your podcasts are the 4 different accents that each of you have, although I really consider it 3, since like you Amanda, I'm Canadian and you sound no different. Not only does it sound like a United Nations T-shirt summit meeting each episode but hearing the different accents keeps the listener engaged more, in my opinion. It changes it up and doesn't give the listener's ears a chance to get bored. I enjoyed the episode where you all took turns imitating one of the others' accent.

    With that said, I have to say I have always loved the Australian accent. Manz could probably have her own podcast of her reading a phone book and I would probably listen to it.

  6. Hey Hockey Blades thanks so much for all the great feedback you have given us. I agree with you all the accents in our podcast add a great deal to the show. You just gave Manz a great idea for a gig reading the phone book lol. Also really awesome that you are working on your store while you are listening.