Monday, July 12, 2010

Podcast 13: Be Remarkable!

Be remarkable is more than just a throwaway line. It's what you need to do to separate your online store or business from the rest of the pack. In this podcast lucky number 13 you will get some tips on how to brand your business so that it it's not only remarkable but here to stay. Also some awesome May tips will be shared as well as Seo corner in which we will dive into the world of backlinks which can really help get that organic search engine traffic. Ready to be remarkable? Just tune in and listen.

Branding For Business

May - Tips Of The Day

Follower the Linker

08:14 - Seth Godin
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14:30 - Involver - Complete Brand marketing on Facebook.

Music suggested by...

23:45 - Matt Cutts
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Q&A Segment...

Mentions within the Q&A... Programs/services used by TIAP for the creation of podcasts:
24:46 - CallGraph
25:21 - Levelator
25:47 - Audacity
25:59 - QDrive
27:12 - Podpean
28:05 - itunes

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