Monday, July 26, 2010

Podcast 15: Facebook for Business, Coupons & Chocolate*

*chocolate may not be included..

There are half a billion people on facebook now and to assume that you don't have any customers using facebook is an idiotic assumption. It is time to start using facebook for business and we give 10 top tips on how to use facebook for business in this podcast. We then give some nifty ideas about how you can utilise coupons to promote your business online and raise brand awareness. Another trip to SEO Corner then leads us to the topic of how to find high page rank blogs which will further your SEO effort...So, go on, press play and enjoy...

10 Tips on how to Make Facebook Work for Your Business

Coupons, Coupons, Coupons - Get Some!

Finding High Page Rank Sites for Backlinks


  1. wait where's the chocolate? I did wonder why I was included in this, but upon listening real glad to have my question answered. Got my aus and canada eh! fixes of the week with the usual laughs also.

    Go subscribe people!

  2. Whooa wait there wasn't any chocolate LOL Thanks for always listening and yes subscribe, subscribe, subscribe!!!!

  3. Thanks for taking my suggestion to talk about Printfection's new service. I agree that it would be great if more POD services followed their lead and came up with their own versions. However, someone has to be the first to blaze the trail so my hats off to Printfection for being that trailblazer.

    Now I have to find out more about my fellow Canucks, the Nix Dixsons. Thanks :)