Monday, August 2, 2010

Podcast 16: Google Analytics - It's Not That Scary!

We asked you what you wanted to know about and the the topic that came to the fore was Google Analytics - needless to say we're serving it up fresh to you today..After that we spill the beans on facebook ads and give some top tips on how to use them and get the best CPC..And, remember our Zazzle poll? -of course you do ;) We finally unveil the results so you can find out what are the best sellers on Zazzle..


How to Use Google Analytics

Facebook Ad Tips

Poll: What Items Do You Sell Most on Zazzle


1:05 - Tammy Winand - Cryptic Fragments, follow on twitter, Join Tammy on facebook

1:07 - Diane T Diane Trujillo (aka PandorazBox80) - Lifted Spirits, Follow PandorazBox80 on twitter * Join PandorazBox80 on Facebook

1:08 - Malvina Buonocore: Join Malvina on Facebook

8:46 - Scott Hovind - Photographer, Writer, Fine Art
Join Scott on Facebook

8:50 - Tanya Pedersen - Idol Shirts
Follow on twitter, Join Tanya on facebook

8:56 - Jared- Jared Thompson - Design Juices
Follow Design Juices on twitter * Join Design Juices on Facebook

9:10 - Brad Kelly - T-Shirt Review Blog Follow Brad on Twitter, Join Brad on Facebook

17:09 - MUSIC
A Hero Named Hope
- Chicago band with their song "I Invented the
Webshooter" A Hero Named Hope Myspace
With Adam Hendle of I Am The Trend, Follow IATT on Twitter, Join IATT on Facebook

23:23 - Caza Creations
Follow Caza Creations on twitter

23:39 - Michael, Michael "Angry Mongo", Follow Angry Mongo on Twitter, Join Angry Mongo on Facebook

25:22 - Shibbz
Follow Shibbz on Twitter,
Read About His Couch Surfing Adventures


28:09 - Daniel Fox - Skreened, Follow on Twitter, Join Skreened on Facebook

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