Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Podcast 23: Blogging Gets You Places

Our 2nd season continues and brings more helpful info..On the agenda today we have the Art of Flyering..from that art we then discuss the "dark art" of promotions within PODs..It's true that every POD has a silver lining but they also have their pitfalls - make sure you don't miss that segment..After all of the POD talk we then have a super special guest, Bo, from Loving This Tee, comes on to talk about her passion and where bloggin has got her - really great interview...And, as if that wasn't enough for you, we have our first round table talk where we talk about photography..And ye, we've a new jingle, get those headphones on and enjoy...

The Art of Flyering
POD's Can Run Contests Too... But How?
Pitfalls of PODs
The Hidden Costs of Being Independent

Brought to you by our Guest Bo Mekavibul of
Loving This Tee & Tilteed.com
MY IMOTO By the_JCW & Taco Dinosaur by Seibei


3 tee brands to keep an eye on...
39:32 - Regan Smith Clarke
Follow Regan Smith Clarke on twitter
40:45 - Thriving Ink
41:26 - Doctor Hazmat

Roundtable... PHOTO OP:
44:24 - Thriving Ink

45:21 - Designer Drugs Fashion

45:27 - I Am The Trend

48:16 - Tammy Winand - Cryptic Fragments

49:04 - Shari Dyson Britt - Little Wing Design

49:45 - Firdaus Emir - Web Grrl

Other 'Photo Op" Facebook Shares.... we didn't have time to chat more about all the amazing photo products out there, so make sure to take some time after the podcast and check out the following...
- Patrick Hiller
- Brian Gryphon
- Scott Hovind
- Michael Puskar
- Valerie Waters
- Helena Pion
- Emily Goodwin
- Jenny James


  1. Hey Caza, sorry that it didn't work for you..tried it here as well and didn't play either for some unknown reason..Good news though is that it should be working again now - enjoy :)