Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rob Ryan - LadyUmbrella

Hello all, Rob here from LadyUmbrella ladies t-shirts and I hope to be a straight talking giver of info. I'm excited to be part of this podcast and as corny as it may sound I want to try help you out if you are starting up your own business..

I'm not a guru, in fact I'm couldn't even pretend to be a guru at Halloween, but I do listen and I will try to help. I hope to field many questions from you all. When I started out in business my mind was constantly buzzing and whirring with ideas and questions and I often thought that if I had someome to bounce them off it would be pretty helpful. So, in short, I'm your wall - bounce your ideas off me and I'll give you my honest thoughts and with a bit of luck help you out somehow.

I'm only a fledgling finding my feet in t-shirt world but I have learned an immense amount of "things" (for want of a better word) that I, despite my business brain saying no, am happy to share with you...just sign up for my 8 week program for only $3999.99....oh the jokes..no, all info here is free, use it, love it and pass it on...

If you happen to read this please leave a comment and say hi..Let me know what questions you have, what topics would you like us to discuss (marketing, branding, SEO, strategy, social media etc) - lay it on me..

Stay happy..

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