Sunday, February 28, 2010

About Tees In A POD


Tees In A Pod is a weekly podcast that was formed to be an awesome resource for all you fashion lovers out there. Many of you may own an online store, shopped at one, or at least thought about it, right?
Sometimes being a shop owner or shopper can be overwhelming due to the amount of choices there are to choose from online. Thinking about starting an online store? You may have questions about which POD (Print On Demand) company you should use or maybe you wonder which one will help you succeed with your goals? You may be thinking about printing your own merchandise and wonder how much time and money has to go in to this new venture? Or you may be a shopper who wonders how online stores operate or where to find the best designs for the best price? Which ever one you are, Tees In A Pod is here to help you find the answers to all those questions and more. Plus we love to give a way free stuff!! So, please feel free to join us in our journey!

Just head on over to our interactive Facebook Fan Page "Tees In A Pod" to ask questions that you want answered and we'll do our best to answer YOUR questions on our weekly podcast.


Tees In A Pod is made up of four members - 2 men and 2 amanda's. Each individually run their own online store and have their own timezone, but that's not all - Oh no, let's get to know each member a bit better.

Amanda Ryan
Tim Fox
Amanda Vare
Rob Ryan

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